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What is a central heating Powerflushing? Rotherham

You may have seen a lot of heating companies promoting powerflushing just lately, and wondered what is powerflushing?

Powerflushing is a cleaning process for your boiler and heating system. The service will help removes any debris, sludge, dirt, rust and grime that congregants in a heating system over years of use. Without a clear system, these ‘foreign’ objects that should not be there, can lead to blockages, corrosion and big problems! The main issue they cause is a reduction in the the performance and efficiency of your heating system, which in turn will lead to  a breakdown.

Love Your Plumber  use a industry specialist machine to pump chemicals into the system. These cleaning chemicals are circulated throughout the systems radiators and pipes. This process flushes out any potentially items that should not be there, allowing water to access all areas of the heating system.

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