Same day boiler replace Rotherham

New Boiler Rotherahm

Today we undertook a job to replace a boiler in Rotherham. It was a pleasure to rip this out for the customer. It was fitted by a Gas Safe registered installer BUT you can see to an AWFUL standard.

Our new customer came to us after one of our posts was shared and they saw the neatness and pride we took in our job. We are now here for two days, upgrading the boiler and repair the leaks. My price was higher than “Joe Bloggs” from round the corner put after seeing pictures of our work and how they have been stung before the customer didn’t want anyone else! Just remember folks, cheapest is not always the best! “You pay for what you get” The customer has been in tears and I’m sure once we have worked our magic those tears will be tears of joy!

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