Powerflush company Rotherham

This last week the Love Your Plumber team have been in Rotherham. With the task of clearing a blockage on some central heating pipework. Previous heating engineers the customer had out have tried to sell the customers a new boiler.
After the Love Your Plumber team analysed the systems, which took a number of hours the issue was identified. From here the team cut out the blockage and re-piped the section that was blocked. Then  some sentinel x800 and x400 was inserted, along with a run through the magnacleans flush for a good 4 hours. A good drain to of the system then sentinel x100 inhibitor was added for protection.
The customer was absolutely delighted with not having to change their boiler as yet. However, the boiler is 20yrs old and is ready for replacing in the near future but, today it…….LIVES.

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