Ideal Boiler repair Rotherham

boiler repair Rotherham
Did you know that Love Your Plumber are Ideal Heating accredited installers, service and repair specialist?
Today the Love Your Plumber team has visited a new customer this week who had a faulty boiler. This boiler had been leaking from the first day of install due to the flue not being installed correctly. Thankfully our trusted team caught it in time, as the co² condensate was pouring back into the boiler and rotting any metal it could sit on. Last week when we attended it had intermittent fault, the boiler working sporadically.The reason for this was the condensate from the flue was dripping back on the thermistor drying out, starting up then when it was running it would drip again. From this chain of events the boiler wold not work. From here the expert teams had no other option but to cap the appliance and make the boiler safe, which is our primary aim on any job.
The Love Your Plumber engineers returned to clean everything up, and replaced the flue. Just as it was mission complete another fault raised its head! Unfortunately the condensate had perished the thermistor and rotted away at the cable meaning no contact from wiring harness to the thermistor.  Ideal have been called and an engineer is booked in to replace the thermistor and harness. This will have the boiler working again like new!
For any ideal boiler installations, service or repairs, we are the company that can help in Rotherham and South Yorkshire.