Glowworm Boiler Quote Rotherham

Glowworm boiler quote Rotherham

As you will be aware, Love Your Plumber are a Ideal authorised and accredited installer. However the team are not adverse to installing any boiler make or model, at a customers request. Today was the day for a different make of boiler instillation, for a customer in Rotherham.

Over the years Love Your Plumber have installed a wide range of boiler makes, but today was a first! It was an insulation of  a Glowworm energy boiler . As you can see with the fittings and clips, everything we do is like a military operation. Love Your Plumber’s owner John, is very OCD when it comes to his work and it all has to fall into place  (trust us, he sorts his van out every Saturday morning ) After all a good set up makes the job alot easier and smoother. From loading out, to finishing off, every stage of the job is thought out.
This project involved replacing an old Vaillant system boiler that was running the central heating and a old chaff instantaneous water heater that solely did the hot water. the boiler prep and replacement all went to plan, with minimal fuss or mess. Now the customer has a boiler unit that provides both heating and hot water, and way more efficient than her previous set up. Which is really going to pay off in this climate.