Boiler servicing Rotherham

Today the Love Your Plumber team has had a number of boilers due their first time service in Rotherham. Boil Servicing Rotherham is essential to keep a happy and healthy boiler! Even though Love Your Plumber are an authorised Ideal boiler installer, we do also service and repair any manufacture or make of boiler. Today we visited and services the following boilers:

1 x Ideal vogue max 
1 x Ideal logic plus 
And 2 x Baxi platinum’s.


All of these are great boilers and fantastic to work with. A Love Your Plumber service is not just a poke around and bang on the side with a spanner! We give all boilers a detailed examination, including Condensate trap cleaned, Heat exchanger cleaned and Spark generator and electrodes cleaned….does your current boiler company do this?

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